tera hafte / ਤੇਰਾਂ ਹਫ਼ਤੇ / thirteen weeks

Just hit the 3 month mark last week! It seems like I just started this process but I have learned so much about this condition by letting it go all out.

Last week (week 12) was so so itchy on the patches on my hands. I would wake up in the middle of the night itching and/or would wake up to scars left by my finger nails and blood/ooze. Even though I mentioned that there seemed to be blisters forming Interestingly, this was predominately on my left hand, my worst hand. However, I’m pretty sure I do itch the patch on my right arm at night as well but I don’t leave it bleeding. It’s just super tight in the morning.

This week (week 13) THE WATER BLISTERS RETURNED. My worst nightmare. They are still populating so I’m hoping by the end of next week they will be done growing and will start drying up. Hate hate hate this because I can barely use my hands. It seems like the flares on my hands go through a blister phase for about 1-2 weeks, a drying out/shedding phase for 1 week, a clear phase for 1 week but then it starts all over again. I’m hoping this type of flare shortens soon! I also noticed this week that the patches on my hands are connecting with each other and are getting bigger – it seems like they will soon cover the entirety of both hands. I also have weird bumps on my hands, not too sure what they are – maybe another eczema patch forming?

On the other hand, my face has actually been doing pretty well! I now only wash it with facewash in the morning (which I realize might be drying it out and causing the flakes) and water at night. I put on the Vitamin C serum in the morning and at night. I put on some Intensive Nourish Moisture Balm in the morning but at night I leave it as it is. As a result, in the mornings I wake up almost flake free (amazing right?!). Yesterday, however, I cheated and ate a couple of bites of cupcake during the day and at night was itching my eyes. I believe the foods that do cause my flares are high in histamine. I looked up the foods that I was supposedly allergic to – egg whites, cow’s milk, shrimp, sesame seeds – and most of them do have high levels of histamine. I think since my body is healing, it has a slight intolerance to histamines so I’m going to try and avoid them as much as possible. I did go grocery shopping yesterday and was able to find a ton of foods that are gluten-free and dairy-free!

Week13_Eczema Model.jpg


One thought on “tera hafte / ਤੇਰਾਂ ਹਫ਼ਤੇ / thirteen weeks

  1. Congratulations Benita on passing the 3 month mark!! I know this journey has had its ups and downs, and I know for sure that this past week has been the hardest week you’ve had to endure. The inability to use your hands is extremely crippling. It is only when we lose an ability that we get to see how much we rely on it. You are so so strong Benita. You have been nothing short of an inspiration to me. Keep smiling Benita through the pain and the hardship. You are going to be unstoppable when you come through on the other side. I love you.


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