seb / ਸੇਬ / apple

Just bought a bunch of products from 100% Pure: shampoo, conditioner, soap, baby soap (for when I travel), and a new hair brush! I’m excited for everything to come in because I’ll feel more comfortable washing my hair and washing my hands.

Update on my hands: They are doing better! I think in a week they might be back to where they were before this whole debacle happened. I can curl my fingers a bit more everyday which is keeping me going. Also, on Sunday when it was at its worst I couldn’t bear to drive but today I drove ~30 minute to the mall without any major problems! If I do move my hands too much though, they start weeping and get “stuck” to my cotton gloves. I even dared to play the piano today and didn’t have any major problems expect when I had to stretch my hand to play octave notes.

What I think is really helping advance the healing process is not washing my hands with soap. I know it sounds gross but I try and keep my hands moisturized as much as possible and not washing them helps with this. I do wash my hands right when I wake up and before I go to bed with soap but otherwise I just rinse my fingertips with water. Today I ventured out and washed them with the Lavender Butter Soap and did not get any burning at night. In the morning there was slight burning but I wasn’t too worried about it since my eczema did not turn red.

I am getting a little tingling sensations in my hands (especially the patches that are not on my fingers) throughout the day. I don’t itch them and I’m not sure if I itch them at night but it helps to blow air on them. I hope this is not another allergic reaction or signs of a bigger withdrawal symptom appearing (will touch a bit more on this on my weekly update blogpost).

My parents are a bit happier about that but are still worried/keep bugging me to call a dermatologist. I want to give it time though before I take drastic measures.

Update on my diet: It’s going pretty well I would say. I probably am not following a very strict low nickel diet but I feel like what I’m doing is making a difference. For one thing, I am eating less which might help me pinpoint what I am eating is causing flare-ups (hence my blogpost). I also took out anything processed (and hence sugary). The sugars I get is mostly through the fruits I eat. I have also been drinking ~64 oz of water a day which is helping me get rid of the toxins in my body! In order to supplement for the protein I’m now missing in my diet, I have started to eat chicken again.

Interestingly, I had a flare-up on my right eye today. It started becoming a bit itchy and turned red when I did try and brush it with my fingertips. I ate two apple pieces about 10 minutes before this started happening (I ate chicken and veggies a 4 hours before this). Could the apples have caused this small flare? I don’t know but all I know is that I’m going to stay away from apples for a while. The low nickel diet even states that apples can aggravate my dermatitis even though it is low in nickel. It’s possible that this small flare was caused by not washing my face when I normally do. For the past fews days I have been waking up, moisturizing, helping out around the house, showering around 2PM and getting ready for bed around 10PM. Today I had an early start and got ready at 12PM. Maybe my face was craving a wash or moisture? The body is a weird organ and I may never understand it but I hope to work with it and take the necessary precautions in order to solve this eczema.


One thought on “seb / ਸੇਬ / apple

  1. Super interesting stuff Benita ! Curious to continue to monitor this tingling piece.

    You mentioned you rushed the order to me – how quickly will it come?

    Keep up the great work on your diet. Also really happy about your parents feeling better and the progress you’ve made on your hands !


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