thin hafte / ਤਿੰਨ ਹਫ਼ਤੇ / three weeks

Sorry for the late post! “3.5 weeks” would be a more fitting title for this blog post.

Three and and half weeks without using topical steroids and I think it’s going okay! At the beginning of this week my skin was doing great but recently there has been a couple of setbacks. However, I’m still confident that this is the right choice!

My eczema today:



At the beginning of the week, the eczema below my left eye was still nonexistent; however, it did make a reappearance on Wednesday morning – my eye was swollen. Interestingly, when I woke up on Wednesday skin below both of my eyes were pretty swollen but throughout the day the skin “unswells” and looks almost normal. I don’t know what to make of it, especially because I got about 8 hours of sleep Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Over the weekend I noticed that this area was a bit rougher than usual and just today (Monday), this area started itching like crazy and was red.

The eczema on my right eye did a lot better at the beginning of the week but has started slowing in it’s disappearance. My eye is significantly less swollen – I measure how swollen it is by the prominence of the extra crease that is formed on my eye. However, the area is still dry and if I don’t moisturize it properly at night, I can see flakes in the morning.

The patch on the right side of my face below my eye has receded into my face. The skin there is still rough but physically looks better. The patch on the right side of my eye is present but doesn’t seem to have gotten any better. The patch on the left side of my eye has spread over the weekend and moved toward my cheek.

My area below my lip was doing better at the beginning of the week but is significantly worse now. Towards the beginning of the week I didn’t notice this area at all during the day but now I have to moisturize it a few times a day. On the other hand, I’m putting on the lip balm on my lips everyday and I have noticed a change in the dryness of my lips.

My neck eczema has also gotten worse over the weekend. The area has gotten extremely dry and I also need to moisturize my neck a couple times a day. The area where my eczema is is black and flaky. I also have a rough patch right underneath my chin.


I’ll start with the good news – my fingers are doing so well! The open scabs have closed and they are not weeping. They are a bit swollen but they have been for a while so I’m not worried about them. Just today, however, I have noticed that my left hand middle finger is turning red whenever I wash my hands but I’m hoping for the best!

The patches on my hands have seen better days. The patches on the back of my left hand have been super itchy and I couldn’t help but itch them. I noticed the itchiness started when cleaning the garage – maybe dust is not good for them? As I mentioned in my deodorant post, I am going to try and wear gloves when working with dust/my hands. I also itched them a lot over the weekend after working out outside and playing a (stressful) board game. I try and keep these areas moisturized as best as I can.

My right elbow pit is not doing well. I vaguely remember waking up a couple of times a night itching it (Sunday night, Monday night, this Saturday night). I do put the Intensive Nourish Moisture Balm on it at night but it might be time to change my bed sheets. I have started to wear long sleeve shirts to bed.


At the beginning of this week I really saw my eczema getting better but this weekend my eczema has gotten worse. I was out of town this weekend so that may have caused it but it could also be due to a number of other factors – hormonal changes (period is coming up soon) and what I’m eating (I’ve been reading that carbs are not good for eczema and I have eaten pasta twice this weekend). I’ve ordered some new products to try on my face and hands because the Intensive Nourish Moisture Balm is a bit too oily to use during the day. I also might make changes to my diet.


One thought on “thin hafte / ਤਿੰਨ ਹਫ਼ਤੇ / three weeks

  1. Excellent post Benita! You did a great job highlighting both areas of progress (fingers, right eye) and also areas that have receded (below lip, neck,back of left hand, right elbow pit). It’s clear that the problems are more than the progress – but we should always keep this in perspective. THIS IS WITH NO STERIODS. It is quite amazing that you are making it this far without steriods. These ups and downs on the path of no steriods will happen, and we should continue to embrace them as you have been. One year from now we will see the ultimate regression – everything between now and then is cyclic. Keep the end goal in mind always !!

    Two other notes. I totally agree with the deswelling for your eye during the day (thinking back, I’ve observed the same). I also really liked the changes you outlined (diet, gloves, etc…) There’s a lot to juggle and you are doing so well!! Keep it up B!

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