do hafte / ਦੋ ਹਫ਼ਤੇ / two weeks

It’s been two weeks since I stopped using topical steroids and started using all natural products!

Here’s an image of my eczema for reference when reading my blog post (pulled the drawing off a clipart site). I got this idea off another eczema blogger. The darker red spots are where my eczema is the worst and the lighter spots are where my eczema is visible but not bothersome:



When I first started using the products, I had eczema on the left side of my face near my eye and on my right eyelid. I used the Intensive Nourish Moisture Balm and the eczema on my right eyelid disappeared! However, after a few days, my eyes started getting extremely swollen (especially the skin below my eye) and the eczema on my right eyelid reappeared with a couple of new patches – one on the right side of my face near my eye and another right below it. Today, the eczema below my left eye is gone! My eyes were significantly less swollen today too. I am hoping that this is a good sign.

My eczema underneath my lip also flared up after a couple of days of using the new products. I started moisturizing that area three times a day. Interestingly, I didn’t have any problem with that area drying out yesterday. I think it might have to do with the fact that I changed my moisturizer in the morning yesterday to Jasmine Green Tea Moisturizer but I can only speculate. I will keep track of that area.

My lips also started getting really dry throughout the day. I started using Lysine + Herbs Lip Balm and have not had a problem of my lips drying out and turning white since!

My neck eczema has been relatively the same. I recall one night during the first week waking up a couple of times and just scratching it. I haven’t had that problem recently and it have not itched in a while. I always moisturize this area twice a day with the Intensive Nourish Moisture Balm.


The eczema in the pit of my right arm flared up badly during the first week but has calmed down since (no more scabs!). I also try to moisturize this area twice a day with the Intensive Nourish Moisture Balm.

My hands have gotten significantly worse since I switched products and stopped using my creams. Water is definitely an irritant and my hands and fingers start to burn whenever I wash them. I have only just recently started using cold water to shower and wash my hands and I think I have noticed a difference – my hands do not burn as much. My left fingers in the palm area were extremely bad at the beginning of week 2 and started weeping but have calmed down a bit – they are starting to peel. I also have started itching the patches on the back of my hands more and I have tried to counter this with the Coconut Hand Buttercream. The lotion is moisturizing but it might not be enough. I might start putting the Intensive Nourish Moisture Balm on it more! I am not sure why my hands have gotten so bad – if it is due to the products I am using or if it’s just a flare. I will keep using the products I am and see if there is anymore improvement.


Two weeks of not using topical steroids has been okay on me. I was worried that I would have to face the same situation I did when I first tried to go off topical steroids in 2015. The most important difference I have made is that I am actively trying to moisturize and keep my skin hydrated! Before I was not too sure how to do so with the products I had at hand (I was trying to moisturize with oils – now that I think about it, I am not even sure if they were pure oils!). I am going to keep a positive attitude and hope to see some more results on my face and my hands within the next couple of weeks!


3 thoughts on “do hafte / ਦੋ ਹਫ਼ਤੇ / two weeks

  1. Excellent progress Benita! So proud of everything you have put in for the past two weeks. This post highlights great strides (lips, eyes), but also mentions where we need more time (hands, neck). It also made more vivid what you have been dealing with for the past two weeks.

    I’m actually most interested in the later two areas (hands, neck). This is a point we have talked about in the past: the assymetry in your hands is most likely correlated to the fact that it is easier for your right hand (dominate hand) to scratch your left hand (the hand that has the majority of the eczema). The fact that you have made so much progress on your right hand indicates to me that not scratching is crucial in curing eczema. So what I am suggesting is extremely difficult and completely out of my league, but could you have the strength to do everything you can to not scratch your left hand (and neck) for this 6 month period of no steroids that we have laid out? I’m speaking completely out of my place as I have never had eczema and have no concept of the difficulty of what I am suggesting is. It will be sooooo tough, but i think your right hand is evidence that not scratching can have huge impact.


    • I don’t know if we can correlate my left hand eczema with the fact that my right hand is my dominate hand but that’s an interesting theory. I think it might just be totally random – especially because I have eczema in the pit of my right arm and so I would have to scratch with my left hand! I definitely agree with the itching. It’s really hard not to and I think the best thing I can do is to keep moisturizing so I won’t be tempted to itch!!

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